Water Demand

April 8, 2012--Feds release public input on far-reaching supply and demand study (Summit Voice)

Any way you slice it, the Colorado River simply can’t provide enough water on a regular basis to meet all the demands, ranging from municipal use to agriculture and sustaining healthy ecosystems for endangered native fish and non-native species important for recreation.

October 19, 2010--Water in Colorado: Waiting for the Call (Telluride Watch)

This year for the first time Colorado River water consumed (by agriculture, industry, and by 30 million people in seven states) exceeded the annual flow.

October 18, 2010--Water panel looking for a leg to stand on (Pueblo Chieftain)

A state committee is looking at a “four-legged stool” to meet a looming gap in municipal water supplies. But if one of those legs—developing new water supplies—fails, the whole thing could topple. Challenged by Gov.

December 23, 2009--With supply limited, state targets water demand (Pueblo Chieftain)

Here’s the choice: Colorado can dry up 400,000 acres of farmland, build a couple more pipelines through the Rockies or put 5 million new residents of the state--plus most already living here - on permanent watering restrictions or shower schedules. Can’t make up your mind? You’re not alone.

October 11, 2008--Thirstier plants seen in future (Pueblo Chieftain)

The influx of millions of people into Colorado over the next 40 years will have more of an impact on demand for municipal water than changes brought on by a longer growing season.

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