Coal Creek

June 17, 2009--Update given on Coal Creek water quality and mining safety (Crested Butte News)

Making the water in Coal Creek cleaner and working on making abandoned mines in the area safer were the topics of a Crested Butte council work session last Monday.

December 3, 2008--Hearing to be held over mine's wastewater plant regs (Crested Butte News)

Gunnison County, the town of Crested Butte and High Country Citizens’ Alliance will have the chance in April to argue for greater financial and environmental controls over companies permitted to operate a

November 5, 2008--Fourth water call made on Slate River (Crested Butte News)

For a third year in a row, the state water board has made a call on a stretch of the Slate River to protect stream flows. But those junior water users along the stretch who have augmentation plans through the local water conservancy district have already met their obligation to provide the missing water. 

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