June 28, 2013--Chemists introduce new energy efficient seawater desalination method (Environmental News Network)

Having access to fresh water is a human necessity. We rely on fresh water not only for drinking, but also for crop irrigation and food production. And in an ever-changing world, with ever-changing landscapes, many communities are often faced with access limitations to fresh water due to both natural and man-made causes.

December 4, 2010--Californians need water, but desalination projects are bogged down (Los Angeles Times)

Desalination — the process of making salty water drinkable — is now producing a growing share of the national water supply as officials scramble to hydrate booming populations with dwindling fresh supply.

November 24, 2009--Harnessing the power of salt, Norway tries osmotic energy (Environmental News Network)

After wind, sun, currents and tides, a company is preparing to make clean electricity by harnessing another natural phenomenon, the energy-unleashing encounter of freshwater and seawater. Taking a step further in the planet's hunt for clean power, Norway is to unveil today the world's first prototype of an osmotic power plant on the banks of the Oslo fjord.

December 29, 2008--Seawater science can help climate change forecasts (Environmental News Network)

A team of scientists has come up with a new definition of seawater which is set to boost the accuracy of projections for oceans and climate.

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