January 27, 2015--Flower gardens, homegrown veggies and green grass? (Norwood Post)

Many who live in Norwood probably cannot imagine having a lawn or garden, let alone having access to large amounts of water — raw water, water full of nutrients, ideal for irrigation.

May 22, 2013--Town of Norwood implements water conservation plan (Telluride News)

As the second of year of drought worsens on Wright’s Mesa, the Norwood Water Commission (NWC) has implemented an outdoor watering conservation plan, effective immediately. The plan is a familiar one for locals who’ve suffered through dry conditions before: town NWC customers are asked to water lawns and gardens on even-numbered calendar days.

December 19, 2012--Norwood accepts water settlement with Telluride (Telluride News)

The Town of Norwood along with the Lone Cone Ditch and Reservoir Company reached a settlement with the Town of Telluride over Telluride’s opposition to applications for water rights on the San Miguel river.

June 13, 2012--Growing food in drought (Norwood Post)

In the midst of a national movement toward local food and home gardens, this summer is heating up the challenge of keeping food crops alive, but home gardeners don’t have to give up hope just yet. San Miguel Basin County Extension Agent Yvette Henson did her graduate work on drought and drought tolerance in plants, and she’s based in the Gordon Glockson building in Norwood.

May 23, 2012--Town imposes water conservation measures (Norwood Post)

Norwood Water Commission and the Town of Norwood last week posted water restriction notices on town bulletin boards, asking town water customers to begin saving now and using the posted outdoor water conservation plan.

May 11, 2012--County gains ally in water fight (Montrose Daily Press)

Montrose County has reduced by one the list of objectors to its water rights claim on the San Miguel River. County commissioners on Monday signed off on an intergovernmental agreement with the Norwood Water Commission.

December 29, 2010--Town of Norwood looking for new water (Norwood Post)

With the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) set to file an intent to appropriate in-stream flows (ISF) on the lower San Miguel River next month, the Town of Norwood is attempting to get a jump on the quickly-disappearing water in the San Miguel Watershed and will this week file on water rights. “It isn’t just us,” said Norwood Town Administrator Patti Grafmyer.

November 16, 2010--BLM panel to address ‘Wild and Scenic River’ suitability (Montrose Daily Press)

The Bureau of Land Management’s Southwest Resource Advisory Committee subgroup will hold public meetings in Naturita, Norwood and Telluride to discuss the suitability of “Wild and Scenic River” designations for stretches of the San Miguel and Dolores rivers and several tributaries.

April 15, 2010--Cartwheels at Norwood Town Hall (Telluride Daily Planet)

Less than a month after trying yet another solution to clear up Norwood’s drinking water, the town staff are turning figurative cartwheels over the results. Norwood water finally came out clean. Really clean. “We are very excited,” said Town Administrator Patti Grafmyer.

February 18, 2010--Safe water (Norwood Post)

The days of receiving drinking water safety violation notices from the Norwood Water Commission will soon be over. On March 3, the commission will switch to a new water treatment method. In order to increase the quality of drinking water in the Norwood water district, the commission will stop using chlorine to disinfect water.

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