April 23, 2015--Federal report finds major increase in earthquake activity in Colorado (Denver Business Journal)

Colorado is among a number of states that the U.S. Department of Interior found has increased seismic activity, according to the U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Model report released Wednesday. The report points to the injection of wastewater from oil and gas operations into the ground as being a major cause of the uptick in earthquakes.

August 25, 2014--Thousands in Napa could be without water for week after quake (Press Democrat)

Hours after the earthquake struck, thousands of Napa city residents were facing life without water and power, with no notion of when their situation would improve. “The restoration of water is critical,” said Barry Martin, Napa city spokesman.

August 25, 2014--Northern California 6.0 quake linked to decades of overpumping groundwater? (Los Angeles Times/WIP)

Less than one week after a Los Angeles Times article linked excessive groundwater pumping to earthquakes, a level 6.0 quake rocked the Napa Valley area yesterday. From the article:

August 18, 2014--The cup's half full without groundwater regulation (Los Angeles Times)

They're all patting themselves on the back in the state Capitol for finally achieving a water bond deal. And that's fine. It was a momentous act. But what really would be historic — and worth running self-congratulatory reelection ads about — would be to pair the bond proposal with even more important groundwater regulation.

July 6, 2011--Scientists tie Colorado River flooding to San Andreas quakes (Los Angeles Times)

Researchers believe Colorado River damming projects that followed the creation of the Salton Sea could be one reason why Southern California is overdue for a major earthquake.

December 21, 2010--Mexico to defer some Colorado River water until 2014 to allow for quake recovery (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. and Mexican officials reached a deal Monday for Mexico to defer part of its water allotment from the Colorado River until 2014 while farmers in the Mexicali area repair irrigation networks damaged by an earthquake this year.

March 11, 2010--Texas earthquakes may be linked to wells for gas mining (USA Today)

Saltwater pumped deep into the earth in a natural gas mining operation offers a "plausible," though not definitive, explanation for small earthquakes in Texas in 2008 and 2009, scientists say. On Oct. 31, 2008, small (magnitude 3.0) tremblors shook homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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