Tribal Water Rights

April 7, 2016--Collaboration gets things done on water issues (Pine River Times)

"The water is our life blood that feeds all of us," Southern Ute Tribal Chairman Clement Frost told participants in the 34th annual Water Seminar on April 1 in Durango. The seminar is organized by the Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWWCD).

July 11, 2015--Interactive map: Indian water rights in the Colorado River Basin (Circle of Blue)

With the oldest claims to water, Native American tribes in the Colorado River Basin command a considerable role in directing the region’s future. Combined, the tribes hold rights to a substantial portion of the Colorado River’s flow: roughly 20 percent, or 2.9 million acre-feet, which is more water than Arizona’s allocation from the river.

February 22, 2015--Montanans fight to last drop over precious water rights (WND)

The American West’s history of conflict between Indians and settlers apparently isn’t over, as tribes in Montana are demanding title to water rights and lands that long have been privately owned. The landowners, some of whom have had the land in their families for generations, fear they could end up with nothing, and they are fighting back.

February 17, 2015--Congress works to address aging tribal irrigation projects (Casper Tribune)

An aging agricultural irrigation project on the Wind River Reservation could receive federal maintenance money to modernize the century-old system. A bill introduced in the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs aims to complete 16 unfinished irrigation projects on tribal lands in the United States. Sen.

January 7, 2015--Durango’s councilors back tribe’s water request (Durango Herald)

The Durango City Council signed a resolution Tuesday supporting the delivery of water from Lake Nighthorse to the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. “This water would really help our future,” Chairman Manuel Heart said.

December 4, 2014--Tribe secures water rights (Mohave Daily News)

A northwestern Arizona tribe has secured water rights to a Colorado River tributary and is hoping to use a federal settlement as a springboard to pursue other claims. A settlement approved this week in Congress gives the Hualapai Tribe hundreds of acre-feet per year from the Bill Williams River watershed.

August 26, 2014--Lake Nighthorse a big waste of tax money (Durango Herald)

[Opinion: Michael Black] I have been reading with amusement the trials and tribulations of Ridges Basin Reservoir. The old joke at Taxpayers for the Animas River was that if the Ute tribal members ever wanted to use the water in the reservoir, they would need to buy speedboats. Now, it appears even that won’t do.

July 10, 2014--5 Tribal land and water rights bills get SCIA attention (Indian Country)

Seeking to hear directly from tribal leaders on the important issue of land and water rights, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Chairman Jon Tester (D-Mont.) held a hearing on five bills that would strengthen tribal land and water rights and increase economic development on tribal lands July 9.

June 6, 2014--Congress considers largest dam removal in U.S. history (High Country News)

This week, Congress is looking at a bill that even a few years ago seemed wildly, laughably improbable: an authorization to spend $250 million to implement a reworked version of the historic 2010 Klamath River agreements.

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