Flood Insurance

April 12, 2015--Millions facing higher premium rates for flood insurance (New York Times)

Millions of Americans including many whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy are paying double-digit increases in flood insurance premiums. Those living with mortgages in high-risk flood regions are paying 18 percent increases under new legislation that went into effect this month. That includes some of the communities that experienced Sandy's wrath in 2012.

February 10, 2015--GOP challenges Obama over flood risks from climate change (State)

Underscoring the political challenges President Barack Obama faces as he presses ahead to combat climate change, eight Republican senators are contesting the legality of his Jan. 30 directive toughening floodplain standards for new federal projects. In a letter to Obama last week that was coordinated by Mississippi Sen.

December 13, 2014--Boulder condo complex sees flood insurance premium skyrocket 14,000 percent (Daily Camera)

A condominium association representing residents of high-priced units in downtown Boulder has been hit with a flood insurance premium increase of 14,526 percent. The 22-residential-unit luxury condominium complex known as the Arete at 1095 Canyon Blvd.

January 1, 2014--Federal flood insurance program drowning in debt. Who will pay? (Water World)

Millions of American property owners get flood insurance from the federal government, and a lot of them get a hefty discount. But over the past decade, the government has paid out huge amounts of money after floods, and the flood insurance program is deeply in the red. Congress tried to fix that in 2012 by passing a law to raise insurance premiums.

November 19, 2010--Surprise notice floods homeowners (Durango Herald)

Bewildered La Plata County property owners who never had been in a flood plain have been receiving notices in recent months that they need flood insurance, which can cost thousands of dollars a year. County officials, meanwhile, have been inundated with inquiries about the notices. The clamor is a result of revised flood-plain maps that county commissioners adopted in August.

September 10, 2010--FEMA: Hundreds of levees no longer reliable (USA Today)

The government has determined that hundreds of levees nationwide no longer meet its standards that ensure protection during major floods, a decision that forces thousands of property owners to buy federal flood insurance.

September 17, 2009--Environmentalists say flood insurance program ignores endangered species (Los Angeles Times)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is being sued again over accusations that it violated the Endangered Species Act by issuing flood insurance without determining whether development would impact imperiled plants and animals.

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