San Louis Valley

June 26, 2016--After years of drought and overuse, the San Luis Valley aquifer refills (High Country News)

The San Luis Valley in southern Colorado is an 8,000-square-mile expanse of farmland speckled with potato, alfalfa, barley and quinoa fields between the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. Only about 7 inches of rain fall each year in the San Luis Valley. But while farmers and ranchers can’t depend on moisture above ground, they make up the difference beneath it.

March 8, 2014--Sandhill cranes face shut-off as Colorado weighs who gets scarce water (Denver Post)

Colorado's effort to replenish its aquifers by cracking down on pumping groundwater threatens to leave the thousands of sandhill cranes that arrive here each February without the water they need.

December 19, 2011--Supreme Court upholds Valley water decision (Alamosa News)

In a decision handed down on Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed recently-retired Chief District/Water Judge O. John Kuenhold’s approval of the San Luis Valley’s first sub-district water management plan. “The General Assembly has adopted a series of statutes applicable to confined and unconfined aquifers within the San Luis Valley and Water Division No.

November 25, 2010--Valley water case sends SOS to Colorado Supreme Court (Valley Courier)

“I am not particularly pleased with the direction things have gone. I don’t think they really protect senior water rights, and that’s why we are involved in this process,” Save Our Senior (SOS) Water Rights attorney Tim Buchanan told the SOS group during a meeting this month in Monte Vista.

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