February 15, 2012--Durango hustles to open Lake Nighthorse by 2013 (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango is not quite ready to say “Go fish,” but officials say they are trying hard to open Lake Nighthorse for recreation by the spring of 2013. Officials are applying for a $300,000 grant to build an entrance and aquatic-nuisance inspection station. They also are lining up community partners.

January 6, 2012--Session unleashes flood of river ideas (Durango Herald)

A brainstorming session Thursday for ideas to best preserve the Animas River ranged from designated fishing and “play” areas to caps on permitted commercial outfitters. Others encouraged “staggered launch times” or at least more scheduling for whitewater rafters, repairin

January 5, 2012--Board awaits city action on rec plan (Durango Herald)

The sponsor of the recreation master plan for Lake Nighthorse is ready to pass along the responsibility, but the tentative receiver, the city of Durango, has yet to act. Cathy Metz, the city director of parks and recreation, told Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District board members Tuesday that she wants to apply for grants for first-phase development of recreation at Lake Nighthorse.

January 5, 2012--Competing interests flow in to aiding Animas (Durango Herald)

More access points to the Animas River with plenty of public parking and toilets emerged as a common theme during a river-preservation workshop attended Wednesday by about 100 people. One kayaker noted congestion is more “off the river than on the river” as boaters often must wait th

December 28, 2011--What do you want from your river? (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango next month will renew the public process aimed at producing its first-ever formal Animas River management plan. Public workshops are scheduled Jan. 4 and 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Durango Community Recreation Center, Cathy Metz, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said Tuesday.

November 2, 2011--Durangoans approve buying A-LP water (Durango Herald)

Durango voters agreed Tuesday to go in debt to the tune of $4 million to buy water from the Animas-La Plata Project. The tally on Ballot Measure 2A, with all votes counted, showed that 1,972, or 61 percent, support the issue, compared with 1,274, 39 percent, who were opposed.

November 1, 2011--Durango has options for using Animas-La Plata water (Durango Herald)

If Durango voters approve Ballot Issue 2A today and assume a $4 million debt to buy backup water from the Animas-La Plata Project, city Public Works Director Jack Rogers says there are three options for getting water to customers.

Durango’s Worst Flood: October 5, 1911

Rainfall in semi-arid Southwest Colorado is usually a blessing, but in 1911, it was another story after 36 hours of rain dropped 3.42 inches of rain in Durango and 4 inches in Silverton.

Durango Asks Voters to Buy Water

On November 1st, Durango voters will be asked to approve $4 million in debt to allow the City of Durango to purchase 3,800 acre-feet (AF) of annual water supply from the Animas-La Plata Project (ALP).

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