September 16, 2011--Durango considers overseeing recreation at Lake Nighthorse (Durango Herald)

Under the most recent proposal, the city can take charge of recreation at Lake Nighthorse and not lose money. Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Metz this week met with her Parks and Recreation advisory board to discuss a preliminary plan to welcome swimmers, boaters and hikers into Lake Nighth

September 6, 2011--Participation sought on Animas River plan (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango is requesting assistance from individuals to participate in the development of the Animas River Management Plan. The city is seeking community comments by completing a brief survey on river-related activities and to provide thoughts about management practices. Responses will be accepted until Sept. 30.

September 3, 2011--Do you think the Animas is too crowded? (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango is inviting anyone interested in the Animas River to help develop a river-management plan. “We’ve been hearing from the public for two years now about possible city management of river use,” city Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Metz said Friday.

August 30, 2011--The Animas in a changed climate (Durango Herald)

Durango’s 2011 Water Efficiency Management Plan said that to avert possible shortages, Durango must decide by 2015 whether to raise water rates and impose conservation measures. The most shocking fact in the plan is that more than 20 percent of Durango’s water supply is unbilled and unaccounted for because of misplaced meters or unmetered buildings.

Durango Considering Lake Nighthorse Recreation Management

The City of Durango is currently considering whether they will take on the management of recreation at Lake Nighthorse. According to Cathy Metz, Director of the City Parks and Recreation Department, the most critical issue is whether the proposed phased development is financially feasible. “We have to make sure that use fees cover the costs,” she said.

Durango Looks to Finance Lake Nighthorse Water

The City of Durango has only a week’s reserve of water. Therefore, in 2005, they requested that the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority (CWRPDA) reserve a portion of Animas-La Plata Project water in its name.

Durango Whitewater Park Upgrades

In the late 1980s the City of Durango became the first community in the nation to construct a whitewater park. The park was state-of-the-art at the time, but has since lost some of its prestige to newer parks.

June 23, 2011--Durango water use down 24% since 1990 (Durango Herald)

Cities in the Southwestern United States are saving enough water every year to fill Lake Nighthorse a dozen times, a new report says. The Pacific Institute report, to be released today, shows cities in the Colorado River Basin saved 2 million acre-feet a year compared with their per-person consumption rates in 1990.

June 21, 2011--Durango to see new water plan (Durango Herald)

The Durango City Council adopted a new water-management plan to help officials look for more efficient use at Monday night’s meeting.

June 9, 2011--Righting the river (Durango Telegraph)

Improvements to Durango’s Whitewater Park are slowly surging forward. The City of Durango is currently wrangling up dollars in its quest to start the long-awaited tune-up to the Animas River’s town run. However, the clock is ticking, and the city must complete improvements to protect its in-stream water rights prior to a hard deadline at the end of 2013.

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