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July 7, 2011--The future of flow (Durango Telegraph)

The West is in danger of going thirsty as population continues to grow and competition for water intensifies. However, there is also a glimmer of hope – water users all over the West are waking up to dry realities and flushing less of the wet stuff down the drain. The Colorado River Basin includes the Rocky Mountain chain as well as portions of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California.

June 23, 2011--Durango water use down 24% since 1990 (Durango Herald)

Cities in the Southwestern United States are saving enough water every year to fill Lake Nighthorse a dozen times, a new report says. The Pacific Institute report, to be released today, shows cities in the Colorado River Basin saved 2 million acre-feet a year compared with their per-person consumption rates in 1990.

February 28, 2011--The limits of laws as a conservation tool (New York Times)

Peter Gleick, a water and energy analyst and founder of the Pacific Institute, has posted an impassioned critique of discussions in California on whether it will be necessary to let some imperiled species go extinct as part of broader efforts to manage human and ecological systems there. Here’s the opening section:

November 2, 2010--Rising seas and the groundwater equation (New York Times)

Worldwide overpumping of groundwater, particularly in northern India, Iran, Mexico, northeastern China and the American West, more than doubled from 1960 to 2000 and is responsible for about 25 percent of the rise in sea level, according to estimates in a new study by a team of Dutch researchers published in Geophysical Review Letters.

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