Ecological Footprint

December 18, 2013--Do ancestral Puebloans have a lesson? Demise of the ancients could be a caution for the world today (Durango Herald)

Two professionals from different fields but with similar interests say the fate of the ancient inhabitants of the Four Corners foreshadows what lies in store for moderns who try to wrest from the environment more than it can give. Jim Judge, a retired archaeologist, and Dr.

October 14, 2010--WWF's living planet eeport shows humans consuming 1.5 Earths (Environmental News Service)

"The unprecedented drive for wealth and well-being of the past 40 years is putting unsustainable pressures on our planet," writes WWF Director General James Leape in the newly released 2010 edition of WWF's Living Planet Report, a biennial survey on the state of the planet's health.

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