Water Legislation

May 3, 2016--Colorado lawmakers block future federal water grabs (Summit Daily)

Colorado lawmakers unanimously made federal water grabs almost impossible. The Colorado Water Rights Protection Act passed both the Colorado House and Senate without a single dissenting vote.

April 18, 2016--Ex-guv, legislators clash over water bill (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Former Gov. Bill Owens is trying to block a measure in the Colorado Legislature that would change the rules on how groundwater rights are handled, and two local lawmakers aren’t happy about it. Calling Owens a “water speculator,” Sen. Ray Scott, R-Grand Junction, and Rep.

April 17, 2015--Senate panel delays vote on rain-barrel bill (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Homeowners who use rain barrels are violating state water laws, but a bill discussed in a Senate panel on Thursday would make it OK. Under HB1259, which cleared the Colorado House last month on a 45-20 vote, homeowners would be able to use two 55-gallon barrels to collect rainwater, but only for use on their gardens and lawn. The thinking behind the measure is two-fold, said Sen.

Jim Isgar

While most in Southwest Colorado and the state are aware, many newsletter subscribers from outside the area may not have heard that former State Senator Jim Isgar passed away on March 6th, he was 64. Jim served in the Senate from 2001 to 2009, where he was chair of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. In addition, he was the primary sponsor of the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act (HB 1177), which created and funded the Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) and the Basin Roundtable Process.

Diane Hoppe

Former state legislator Diane Hoppe passed away on February 27th. She was a third generation Sterling woman, and spent nearly three decades helping to protect state agricultural and water resource interests. From 1999 to 2006 Diane served in the Colorado House of Representatives where she chaired the Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee, the Water Interim Committee, and the Water Resources Review Committee.

January 26, 2016--Senate fails to overturn presidential veto of water rule resolution (Durango Herald)

Opponents of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Waters of the United States rule failed to garner enough votes in the Senate last week to override President Barack Obama’s veto of their resolution of disapproval regarding the rule. Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., voted in support of overriding the president’s veto of Senate Joint Resolution 22.

November 5, 2015--Water rule hits choppy water (Durango Herald)

The U.S. Senate this week advanced one effort to eliminate a controversial new rule extending regulation over small bodies of water, while blocking another attempt to rewrite it. “Coloradans know when they’re getting soaked,” Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican, said following votes on Tuesday.

October 31, 2015--Tipton seeks buy-in for bill to streamline mine cleanup (Montrose Press)

Spurred in part by the August environmental disaster that sent three million gallons of mine wastewater spilling down the Animas River, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton is crafting legislation to address contamination at inactive mines. Tipton is still eyeing a “Good Samaritan” bill that would clear the way for private groups whose members work to clean up abandoned mines.

September 22, 2015--Senate debates how to prevent another Gold King Mine disaster (Denver Post)

Members of the U.S. Senate recently sparred over two related — and sometimes competing — plans that supporters said could prevent a repeat of the Gold King Mine disaster in southwest Colorado. The debate was part of a 90-minute hearing that focused on the Aug.

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