Dolores/San Juan River Basin

April 8, 2016--March dry spell takes toll on Southwest Colorado snowpack (Durango Herald)

Though Southwest Colorado has yet to reap the benefits of a wet El Niño, as of April 1, statewide snowpack totals are up 150 percent from last year, according to the National Resource Conservation Service. Karl Wetlaufer, assistant snow survey supervisor for NRCS, said data released Wednesday show just how much the dry spell in March affected the southern San Juan Mountains. Co

April 7, 2014--With our snowpack suffering, water outlook is weak (Durango Herald)

The outlook for water in Southwest Colorado this spring and summer isn’t favorable, the April snowpack report from the Natural Resources Conservation Service says. The snowpack in the combined Animas, San Juan, Dolores and San Miguel river basins was 79 percent of the 30-year median April 1; however, this week’s storms brought the basins up to 82 percent.

January 22, 2014--S.W. Colo. snowpack falls below average (Durango Herald)

The snow quickly is melting away, according to an updated report issued by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The snowpack in Southwest Colorado – the Animas, Dolores, San Juan, Mancos and San Miguel drainages – was 100 percent of average three weeks ago. As of Tuesday, the snowpack had dropped to 77 percent.

January 9, 2014--S.W. Colorado snowpack on target (Durango Herald)

The snowpack on Jan. 1 in Southwest Colorado – in the Animas, Dolores, San Juan and San Miguel drainages – was right on the money. It was 100 percent of average for the date. Compared with last year it was well above, registering at 146 percent of the Jan. 1, 2013, level.

March 17, 2013--Warm weather threatens snowpack (Telluride Daily Planet)

Blue skies and warm afternoons might make for good spring skiing, but they don’t bode well for a healthy snowpack.  The snowpack has followed a similar trend this year as it did last year — seeing light conditions early in the winter followed by a healthy build-up of snow from late January through February.

October 31, 2012--Water 2012 visits Southwest Basin (Alamosa News)

Southwestern Colorado’s rivers are unique in that many of the rivers and tributaries flow from north to south and are administered as independent river systems. This is due to the fact that many, such as the Navajo, Blanco, Piedra, Pine, Florida, Animas, La Plata, and Mancos Rivers, are tributary to the San Juan River in New Mexico or just upstream of the state line.

September 6, 2012--Water group sets first Durango meeting (Durango Herald)

In its first meeting ever in Durango, the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission is scheduled to consider staff-proposed amendments to water-quality standards in the San Juan, Dolores and Gunnison basins. Commissioners will meet Monday and Tuesday at Fort Lewis College. There are no foregone conclusions, no decisions in the bag, chairman Peter Butler said Tuesday.

June 13, 2012--Local snowpack hits 0 percent of average (Telluride Daily Planet)

Snowpack in the Telluride region is all but gone, and  summer conditions could set records in terms of dryness. Snowpack levels as of June 1 are at 0 percent of average. This is the first time since 2002 that such low levels have been recorded in the San Juan, Animas, Dolores and San Miguel River Basins.

May 2, 2012--Low snowpack sets records (Telluride Daily Planet)

High temperatures and dry weather conditions this spring have left snowpack levels in southwestern Colorado at historic lows. According to data from the Colorado Snow Survey, snowpack levels reported Tuesday for the San Miguel, Dolores, Animas and San Juan river basins were sitting at 29 percent of average. Statewide, the snowpack is at 25 percent of average.

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