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June 6, 2016--Unabated global qarming threatens west's snowpack, water supply (Inside Climate News)

Low-elevation snowpack across the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades will disappear in the coming decades if global warming continues unabated, according to a new study.

April 16, 2014--Weather throws a curve (Environmental News Network)

Apparently the intense curve of the jet stream can predict the variability of an entire season and it is part of a 4,000 year pattern. Last winter's curvy jet stream in North America resulted in mild western temperatures and harsher cold temperatures in the east.

February 27, 2010--Scientists develop more accurate snow forecasts (USA Today)

So how much snow are we going to get? The seemingly endless parade of wild winter storms has Americans wondering how much snow the next storm will bring, and they expect their local meteorologists to have all the answers. A new forecasting method may soon be available to help.

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