1872 Mining Law

February 18, 2011--Salazar wants fundamental mining law reform (Summit Citizens Voice)

President Obama’s Interior Department, under the leadership of Coloradan Ken Salazar, is seeking fundamental reform of outdated hardrock mining regulations that have resulted in some of the most long-lasting environmental impacts in the West. Acid mine drainage has polluted thousands of stream miles around the region, killing fish and requiring costly cleanups.

January 4, 2010--Support builds in Congress over mining reform (Denver Post)

After years of negotiations between environmentalists and industry groups, observers say efforts to reform a century-old law regulating mining may finally pick up steam in Congress. Among proposals to reform the 1872 Mining Law are plans to implement royalties on mining profits for the first time and reclamation fees for cleaning up abandoned mines.

1872 Mining Law Revisited

Although hardrock minerals are valuable natural resources, the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 1872 that permits their removal from federal lands is antiquated and according to many needs revision.

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