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July 20, 2013--Richer farmers, bigger subsidies (New York Times)

It’s hard to imagine a more widely reviled piece of legislation than the nearly $1 trillion farm bill.

April 4, 2011--Water utilities failed to alert public to presence of likely carcinogen, group says (New York Times)

U.S. water utilities have known about the prevalence of a likely carcinogen in water sources for seven years and have failed to share that information with the public, according to an advocacy group, which released today a 2004 industry study of hexavalent chromium.

December 13, 2009--What's in the water? (Los Angeles Times)

What's in the water?--Lots of stuff, according to the Environmental Working Group.The public interest organization has created an online database of water quality test results from 45 states. The interactive database, covering 48,000 communities, can be accessed at the group's website, www.ewg.org.

October 7, 2009--Climate may be changing for farmers (Pueblo Chieftain)

Saving the farm could mean weaning agriculture off traditional federal subsidies while encouraging new activities that ultimately might make farming more sustainable. Dan Morgan, who has written extensively about ag issues through the lens of Congress for the Washington Post, spoke Monday as part of Colorado College’s State of the Rockies series.

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