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May 6, 2011--Sharing is not always easy when it comes to water (Grand Junction Sentinel)

It’s not every year that western Colorado has the luxury to procrastinate with irrigation. Maybe in April, but by May it’s almost unheard of. But here we are, almost a month into irrigation season with a snowpack that just won’t quit, plentiful soil moisture and rumors that flooding might be a real concern if temperatures rise too quickly.

Four States Irrigation Council Annual Meeting (Fort Collins, CO)

12/01/2009 1:18 pm

For more information and/or to register, call (970) 622-2229.

November 26, 2009--Arkansas River flows drop as winter storage starts (Pueblo West View)

Flows in the Arkansas River below Pueblo Dam dropped dramatically this week as winter water storage went into effect. Flows from the dam were cut from about 350 cubic feet per second last week to 70 cfs on Sunday, as irrigators began a program that allows them to store winter flows for use later in the year.

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