Land Use Planning

May 18, 2015--Colorado's growth brings a call to link water and land planning (KUNC)

Colorado has experienced massive population growth in the last few years, a trend that is projected to continue. Finding enough water to meet the demands of the booming Front Range has city planners closely looking at how new developments can be built with conservation as a key component.

January 15, 2015--Senate panel OKs water conservation measure (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Although the bill doesn’t actually mandate anything, Republicans on a Senate committee Wednesday voted against it, in part, because they feared it might.

October 11, 2014--No easier answers for water supply, growth (Pueblo Chieftain)

It’s probably wise to expect a little pain when you grab the bull by the horns.So, the Arkansas Basin Roundtable this week wrestled the question of new development, land use policies and local control to the ground, only to find that it jumped back up to torment.

October 5, 2014--Tying water to growth, sort of (Pueblo Chieftain)

A proposal to link local land use to state water planning through better education about water issues will be discussed at this week’s meeting of the Arkansas Basin Roundtable. The question often has been the elephant in the room during discussions in the past decade by roundtables and the state Interbasin Compact Committee.

June 26, 2014--What can local governments do to protect & conserve water? (Post Independent)

As people around the state debate how to make Colorado’s limited water supplies stretch to accommodate nearly twice as many people by 2050, the topic of growth surfaces repeatedly. Some call for outright limits on population growth, while others point out that how communities grow can have as big an impact on their water use as how much they grow.

August 17, 2013--Land use, water should be tied (Pueblo Chieftain)

Agriculture isn’t the only issue Arkansas Basin Roundtable members have with a joint statement adopted last month by Front Range water interests. The statement fails to ask the state to confront land use planning head-on, some say. Much of the state’s land use regulation is at the city or county level.

March 14, 2011--Water for an integrative climate paradigm (Science Daily)

International climate negotiations are deadlocked between the affluent global North and "developing" South, between political Left and Right, and between believers and deniers. Now, authors writing in the latest issue of the International Journal of Water argue that a more integrative analysis of climate should help resolve these conflicts.

Western States Water Council Symposium on Water & Land Use Planning for a Sustainable Future (Denver, CO)

09/28/2009 8:00 am
09/30/2009 5:00 pm
For more information and/or to register for the symposium visit the Western States Water Council.

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