October 11, 2016--Single clothes wash may release 700,000 microplastic fibres, study finds (Guardian)

Each cycle of a washing machine could release more than 700,000 microscopic plastic fibres into the environment, according to a study. A team at Plymouth University in the UK spent 12 months analysing what happened when a number of synthetic materials were washed at different temperatures in domestic washing machines, using different combinations of detergents, to quantify the microfibres

December 10, 2014--Full scale of plastic in the world's oceans revealed for first time (Guardian)

More than five trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing nearly 269,000 tonnes, are floating in the world’s oceans, causing damage throughout the food chain, new research has found.

February 17, 2011--UNEP year book: Phosphorus and plastic pollute world's oceans (Environmental News Service)

Enormous amounts of the fertilizer phosphorus are discharged into oceans due to inefficiencies in farming and a failure to recycle wastewater, the United Nations Environment Programme warns in its 2011 Year Book released today.

August 20, 2009--Plastic in oceans leaches chemicals (Environmental News Network)

Amidst waves and wildlife in the world's oceans, billions of pounds of polystyrene, water bottles, fishing wire and other plastic products float in endless circles. This bobbing pollution is more than just an eyesore or a choking hazard for birds.

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