Fossil Fuels

August 26, 2016--Climate change and flood in Baton Rouge (Democracy Now)

The floodwaters are receding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the scale of the damage is revealing itself. It has been described as a 1,000-year flood, leaving at least 13 people dead and close to 60,000 homes ruined. According to Weather Underground meteorologists Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, August has been the wettest month in Baton Rouge in 174 years, when records were first kept.

August 2, 2009--Sun splits water for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow (Telluride Daily Planet)

On Tuesday, Nocera will present the Pinhead Town Talk, "Personalized Energy: A Carbon-Neutral Energy Supply for Each Individual (x 6 Billion People)." He will illuminate how his revolutionary invention cap

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