U.S. , Mexico Sign Water Sharing Pact

After five years of effort, the United States and Mexico signed an agreement for new rules on sharing water from the

November 10, 2012--US, Mexico close to Colorado River water use pact (Denver Post)

Government leaders in the United States and Mexico are close to signing a pact to add areas south of the border to Colorado River water sharing agreements involving seven Western U

March 15, 2011--South Platte water study challenges notion that led to water well ban (Greeley Tribune)

A study of groundwater in the South Platte River Basin challenges the notion that water well along the river have reduced groundwater supplies. The study was done to try to maximize the use of water in the South Platte River Basin for everyone in the state, said Bob Longenbaugh, who has been in the water business for 50 years.

Colorado Division of Water Resources

According to a November Durango Herald article, an experiment that started this summer could become half of a solution to make sure

January 16, 2011--Dying lake is straining Colorado River pact (Durango Herald)

The evaporating Salton Sea is the flashpoint for the latest dispute in California’s water wars, testing an uneasy alliance of farmers and city dwellers that has sought to wean the Golden State from overreliance on Colorado River water. Under heavy pressure from the federal government, Cali

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