Acid Mine Drainage

February 4, 2013--How to clean up abandoned mines -- without landing in court (High Country News)

Peter Butler's late October tour of abandoned hardrock mines began high on Red Mountain Pass near Silverton, Colo., off a highway so narrow that, in places, its shoulder crumbles off cliffs. Butler, a water wonk with springy silver curls, is the co-coordinator of the Animas River Stakeholders Group, a local watershed group, which has been cleaning up abandoned mines for 18 years.

Global Acidity Increasing

You’ve heard about acid mine drainage and ocean acidification, but the problems don’t end there.

October 19, 2012--River group seeks solution (Durango Herald)

The Animas River Stakeholders Group is turning to the brilliant minds of the world to find a solution to controlling toxic waste leaking from abandoned hard-rock mines around Silverton.

February 18, 2011--Salazar wants fundamental mining law reform (Summit Citizens Voice)

President Obama’s Interior Department, under the leadership of Coloradan Ken Salazar, is seeking fundamental reform of outdated hardrock mining regulations that have resulted in some of the most long-lasting environmental impacts in the West. Acid mine drainage has polluted thousands of stream miles around the region, killing fish and requiring costly cleanups.

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