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June 30, 2015--Here's how U.S. groundwater travels the globe via food (Smithsonian)

Freshwater in the United States is really on the move. Much of the water pulled from underground reservoirs called aquifers gets incorporated into crops and other foodstuffs, which are then are shuttled around the country or transferred as far away as Israel and Japan, according to a new study.

May 17, 2015--Food and beverage companies wake up to water risks (Water Currents)

Last week, Starbucks announced that it would stop sourcing and producing its bottled water brand, Ethos Water, in California and shift production from the Golden State to Pennsylvania.

November 6, 2014--Climate change is disrupting flower pollination, research shows (The Guardian)

Sexual deceit, pressed flowers and Victorian bee collectors are combined in new scientific research which demonstrates for the first time that climate change threatens flower pollination, which underpins much of the world’s food production.

June 23, 2014--Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists (Guardian)

The world’s most widely used insecticides have contaminated the environment across the planet so pervasively that global food production is at risk, according to a comprehensive scientific assessment of the chemicals’ impacts.

May 25, 2014--Droughts affect 30% of the country; What it means for our food supply (Medical Daily)

The entire state of California is in a severe drought, and six other states are also at risk. As of now, more than 30 percent of the United States is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history.

March 27, 2014--Study: Global warming will harm agriculture sooner than previously thought (Circle of Blue)

As hundreds of government officials and scientists huddle this week in Yokohama, Japan to polish the final draft of a major climate report, new research is revealing the depth and urgency of the puzzle the world must solve. Growing more food in the coming decades may be increasingly difficult sooner than expected, according to a clutch of recent climate studies.

January 5, 2014--Exclusive: Make food and drink corporations account for water usage, says scientist (Post Independent)

Supermarkets and food producers should be made to account for the amount of water they use if critical global shortages are to be prevented, a leading expert on the resource has said.

October 18, 2013--Feeding the world by saving water (The Guardian)

The answer to our present and future food needs is not to pull more water out of rivers and aquifers for irrigation.

January 11, 2013--Why is SO much food wasted? (Environmental News Network)

A new report titled "Global food, waste not, want not" published by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers has found that 30 to 50 percent of all food produced in the world never reaches a stomach. The authors of the study warn that these figures are quite conservative.

June 13, 2012--Growing food in drought (Norwood Post)

In the midst of a national movement toward local food and home gardens, this summer is heating up the challenge of keeping food crops alive, but home gardeners don’t have to give up hope just yet. San Miguel Basin County Extension Agent Yvette Henson did her graduate work on drought and drought tolerance in plants, and she’s based in the Gordon Glockson building in Norwood.

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