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April 18, 2015--Drought is not just a California problem (USA Today)

With all the attention focused on California's water woes, an observer might conclude that the Golden State's drought is the exception. It isn't. Forty states expect to see water shortages in at least some areas in the next decade, according to a government watchdog agency.

September 9, 2011--Impasse persists on drugs in drinking water (New York Times)

Five years after the federal government convened a task force to study the risks posed by pharmaceuticals in the environment, it is no closer to understanding the problem or whether these contaminants should be regulated under the Clean Water Act.

August 18, 2011--EPA gets poor grade on keeping drinking water clean (High Country News)

The Environmental Protection Agency was recently reprimanded for its regulation of drinking water and the selection process it uses to select candidates for contaminant regulation. On the bright side, the agency is trying to ensure rural water systems pass muster.

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