Jet Stream

April 16, 2014--Weather throws a curve (Environmental News Network)

Apparently the intense curve of the jet stream can predict the variability of an entire season and it is part of a 4,000 year pattern. Last winter's curvy jet stream in North America resulted in mild western temperatures and harsher cold temperatures in the east.

June 26, 2013--Recent weather extremes tied to jet stream (Boulder Daily Camera)

Lately, the jet stream isn't playing by the rules. Scientists say that big river of air high above Earth that dictates much of the weather for the Northern Hemisphere has been unusually erratic the past few years. They blame it for everything from snowstorms in May to the path of Superstorm Sandy.

September 7, 2011--Evidence suggests La Niña will return this winter (Science Daily)

A return of La Nina, which historically delivers dry conditions, is increasingly likely, according to scientists. Blame it on La Niña. Pushing the jet stream and the storms it carried north of the region, La Niña played a starring role in a record-dry winter in the Southwest this past year.

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