Heavy Metals

September 27, 2014--EPA to plug polluted mine in Silverton (Durango Herald)

Poisonous metals flow from many abandoned mines near Silverton, but in 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to address one that is draining hundreds of gallons of toxins a minute into the watershed.

June 7, 2012--Geological water survey wins kudos (Pagosa Post)

Is high, pristine mountain water always clean and pure? Can streams unaffected by human activities and livestock influences be unfit for human consumption, or fish? A study by the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) has some surprising answers. The study examines areas in Colorado that have naturally poor, surface-water quality due to the area’s geology.

December 16, 2011--Novel device removes heavy metals from water (Science Daily)

Engineers at Brown University have developed a system that cleanly and efficiently removes trace heavy metals from water. In experiments, the researchers showed the system reduced cadmium, copper, and nickel concentrations, returning contaminated water to near or below federally acceptable standards.

October 6, 2011--Green discovery uses waste glass to clean up water (Science Daily)

A simple method to convert waste glass into a material which can be used to remove pollutants from contaminated water has been developed by Dr Nichola Coleman from the University of Greenwich's School of Science.

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