July 29, 2016--Where are the world’s most water-stressed cities? (Guardian)

Water stress – where the human or ecological demand for water is not met – is caused by a variety of factors.

July 18, 2015--The California drought is just the beginning of our national water emergency (Nation)

The United Nations reports that we have 15 years to avert a full-blown water crisis and that, by 2030, demand for water will outstrip supply by 40 percent.

January 1, 2014--2015 Preview: Sustainable goals push water to center stage (Circle of Blue)

Environmental groups thunder from the margins that protecting rivers, trees, and soil is necessary to keep the world economy from a spectacular derailment. Business executives and government officials are taking note. With increasing frequency in 2014 water and air were included on the balance sheet. What was seen as marginal is now as mainstream. Green is good for the land.

December 31, 2013--Climate change worse than we thought, likely to be 'catastrophic rather than simply dangerous' (Huff Post)

Climate change may be far worse than scientists thought, causing global temperatures to rise by at least 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, or about 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Nature, takes a fresh look at clouds' effect on the planet, according to a report by The Guardian.

March 18, 2013--Environmental woes could reverse global development (New York Times)

Climate change and other environmental disasters could put 3.1 billion people into extreme poverty by 2050, if no significant steps are taken, says an annual United Nations report on the state of global development.

November 2, 2011--UN: Water pollution, drought threaten world's poor (Denver Post)

Prosperous countries have not lived up to their promises to help the poor, the U.N. declared Wednesday, saying poor people often go hungry because of polluted water, drought and other environmental factors that are increasing poverty.

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