Miramonte Reservoir

March 30, 2013--Parks & Wildlife prepare reclaim of Miramonte Reservoir (Cortez Journal)

Illegal stocking of smallmouth bass in Miramonte Reservoir will force Colorado Parks and Wildlife to partially drain the lake and treat it with an organic pesticide to kill all the fish early this fall. Restocking will occur shortly after the treatment is completed.

July 31, 2012--CPW to kill all fish in Miramonte Reservoir (Telluride Daily Planet)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is taking drastic measures to eradicate a species of fish in Miramonte Reservoir officials say is a threat to native species. In summer or fall 2013, the agency will use an organic pesticide to kill all the fish in the lake near Norwood in order to get rid of smallmouth bass. Officials say the bass were illegally introduced into the lake sometime before 2011.

December 21, 2011--Miramonte Reservoir designated State Natural Area (Norwood Daily Post)

An uncommon grass, a new and extremely rare species of flower, and premier Gunnison sage-grouse habitat combined to help make the already-popular Dan Noble State Wildlife Area at Miramonte Reservoir, south of Norwood, into one of the three newly-designated Colorado State Natural Areas last week.

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