Flood Control

July 14, 2014--House passes energy & water appropriations bill (WWD Magazine)

The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Fiscal Year 2015 Energy and Water Appropriations bill with strong support in a vote of 253-170.

January 5, 2014--Report: Great Lakes only region to gain wetlands (Wall Street Journal)

The eight-state Great Lakes region — extending from western New York to eastern Minnesota— was the only section of the U.S. where coastal wetland acreage increased during a five-year period when scientists took extensive measurements with satellites and field photography.

July 27, 2009--Boom in hydropower pits fish against climate (L.A. Times)

The ability of the nation's aging hydroelectric dams to produce energy free of the curse of greenhouse gas emissions and Middle Eastern politics has suddenly made them financially attractive -- thanks

March 23, 2009--Fountain Creek watershed authority district looks likely (Colorado Springs Gazette)

A fragile truce between Pueblo and El Paso counties has so far lasted long enough to get a proposal to create a Fountain Creek watershed authority district past the Senate and a House committee.

February 15, 2009--Former NV brothel site targeted for river project (Denver Post)

A panel of local officials has approved a $7.2 million river restoration project at the former site of the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel east of Reno.

January 28, 2009--Engineers: America's basic physical backbone-roads, water & sewage systems-rate 'D' grades (L.A. Times)

America's roads, public transit and aviation have gotten worse in the past four years. Water and sewage systems are dreadful.

December 26, 2008--California budget impasse halts flood control projects (Environmental News Service)

The lack of budget agreement between the Republican governor and the Democrat-controlled Legislature last week caused the state Pooled Money Investment Board - two Democrats, one Republican - to vote to st

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