Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

January 15, 2016--California Governor Brown pushes big water project amid drought (Reuters)

California Governor Jerry Brown warned on Thursday of near-apocalyptic water shortages if his $15 billion plan to divert water from a Northern California river for use elsewhere gets bogged down in political and environmental disputes. The plan to remove water north of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the fragile source of much of the state's drinking water, is opposed by many e

July 22, 2010--Californians should use less delta water, report says (Los Angeles Times)

Californians need to take significantly less water from the state's single largest supply, according to a state report that could lay the foundation for more limits on water shipments to the Southland.

March 17, 2010--California to get more water (Environmental News Network)

California's drought-baked cities and farms will get considerably more water this year than last from federal officials, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said on Tuesday, making good on forecasts issued in February after a series of strong winter storms.

November 4, 2009--California Legislature passes state water conservation bill (Los Angeles Times)

The state Legislature finished with one piece of a multi-part water package Tuesday when the Assembly approved a bill mandating a statewide drop in per capita water use. Lawmakers were headed for another long night, with the Assembly expected to take up several other measures approved by the Senate in a midnight session Monday, including a massive water bond.

September 23, 2009--Sen. Feinstein urges outside review of Calif. water restrictions (New York Times)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is pressing the Obama administration to take a step back from California's drought emergency to authorize a third-party scientific review of two federal biological opinions that restrict water deliveries to farmers in the Central Valley.

March 19, 2009--State to deliver more water to Southern California (L.A. Times)

State officials announced Wednesday they will deliver more water to Southern California this year than previously predicted but cautioned that shipments will remain well below normal.

January 7, 2009--Environmental group endorses controversial canal to restore ailing delta in northern Calif (LA Times)

A national environmental group recommended Wednesday that California overhaul its water-delivery system by building a canal around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. A report by The Nature Conservancy endorsed piping Sacramento River water around the delta, which is suffering from degraded water quality and declining fish populations.

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