Denver Basin Aquifer

November 18, 2011--Oil, gas drilling: Just add water (Pueblo Chieftain)

State Rep. Marsha Looper, D-Calhan is planning to introduce legislation next year that will require the Colorado Water Conservation Board to look at water availability for oil and gas drilling. That is also a recommendation of an industry group that reviewed Colorado regulations on drilling this year. There are also water quality issues associated with drilling, she said.

May 16, 2008--Water group balks at Denver Basin study (Pueblo Chieftain)

Maybe the state needs to find out how much more pumping the Denver Basin aquifers can stand, but the Arkansas Basin Roundtable was unwilling to foot the bill alone.

December 31, 2007--Water underground: Wells playing more of part in supply (Pueblo Chieftain)

Water users are looking at ways to store water in the ground. Today, about 18 percent of the state’s population depends on wells for water supply. In fact, the fastest-growing areas in the state are located above the Denver Basin aquifers, a series of deep underground reserves not physically connected with any of the surface water supplies of the state.

November 26, 2007--Colorado after the drought (Colorado Springs Gazette)

The emphasis on conservation — including higher-priced water above certain usage levels — is sending the message: Water in Colorado is a fickle, ephemeral commodity that has a real value, much like natural gas or oil.

October 4, 2007--Water storage everywhere; not a drop to use (Pueblo Chieftain)

There may be nearly 3 million acre-feet of groundwater storage available in the Arkansas River Basin, but not all of it would be practical to use. Those conclusions come from a state report of potential aquifer storage and recharge completed for the state of Colorado earlier this year, which built upon research of state aquifers by the Colorado Geological Survey.

October 2, 2007--Water recharge projects working well (Pueblo Chieftain)

Managing aquifers is more than a pipe dream in Colorado, and four success stories from around the state were shared this week at a conference looking at state groundwater issues. Stories of successful programs on Fountain Creek, the Rio Grande, the South Platte River and Denver Basin Aquifer were shared at the Colorado Groundwater Management Policy Forum.


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