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June 1, 2015--‘Where’s the beef’ in Colorado’s water plan? (Colorado Independent)

The first draft of Colorado’s new water plan offered plenty of background information about the state’s water, but didn’t say exactly what can be done to avoid a looming water-supply gap. By 2050, the state could be short billions of gallons per year — twice as much as Denver now uses annually.

February 4, 2015--Charting Colorado's vulnerability to climate change (Colorado State University)

Sea-level rise may not be not eating away at Colorado’s borders, but climate change exposes other critical vulnerabilities in the state, according to a new report.

April 17, 2014--Winds paint dusty picture for Colorado snowpack (Boulder Weekly)

The San Juan Mountains often feel the brunt of the dust events, but a recent surge of desert air brought a thick layer as far north as Summit County at the end of March. If you’ve been skiing in the high country lately and noticed the pinkish snow, no need to check your goggles.

October 6, 2013--More water stress than meets the eye (National Geographic)

In more and more places around the world, water demands are bumping up against the limits of Earth’s finite water supply. Each year seems to bring another analysis of “water stress” to help us get a fix on how dangerous our water situation is becoming, whether in a particular country or in the world as a whole.

June 15, 2011--The pulse of the river (High Country News)

For a journalist, sitting through last week's conference on the Colorado River, hosted by the Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado, was a great way to take the river's pulse -- to get a sense of how the river's water czars, acade

December 5, 2010--Method developed to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrogen and treat wastewater (Science Daily)

Fresh water and reusable energy. Humans are on a constant hunt for a sustainable supply of both. Water purification requires a lot of energy, while utility companies need large amounts of water for energy production. Their goal is to find a low-energy-required treatment technology.

November 27, 2009--CU experts use GPS to track soil moisture, snow depth (Denver Post)

Traditional GPS satellite signals can be used to measure snow depth and even soil and vegetation moisture, according to a research team led by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

March 26, 2008--Global warming: Just deal with it, some scientists say (LA Times)

The disastrous hurricanes of recent years have become the poster children of global warming. But Roger A. Pielke Jr., an environmental policy expert at the University of Colorado at Boulder, wondered whether the billions of dollars of damage was caused by more intense storms or more coastal development.

February 1, 2008--Snow's retreat could intensify water wars (Denver Post)

Human-caused global warming has been shrinking the snowpack across the mountain ranges of the West for five decades, suggesting that the region's long battle for water will only worsen, according to a computer analysis released Thursday.

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