Pueblo Board of Water Works

February 24, 2012--Proposed measures could alter water law (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado Water Congress is fighting a pair of initiatives because they could cause chaos with state water rights, but would be limited if the measures survive a Supreme Court challenge. Initiatives 3 and 45, sponsored by Richard Hamilton of Fairplay and his attorney Phil Doe, seek to apply the public trust doctrine to Colorado water rights with a constitutional change.

August 18, 2011--Big water providers band together (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Pueblo Board of Water Works has joined other Front Range water providers in hiring a consultant to represent its interests in bringing water from the Colorado River over the Continental Divide. The Front Range Water Council is planning to hire Grand River Consulting Corp. for $600,000 over two years to work on Colorado River issues that affect the state’s largest water providers.

September 23, 2009--Water board wraps up bond measures (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Pueblo Board of Water Works passed resolutions Tuesday to set a bond issue in motion in order to complete its purchase of about one-fourth of Bessemer Ditch shares. The two resolutions clear up the relationship of the new debt to past and future obligations and give the board’s representatives flexibility in issuing the bonds next month.

August 30, 2009--Officials want Ark River salinity study done upstream (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Arkansas River is a sick patient by the time it leaves Colorado. As the water gets used and reused, the salinity increases to undrinkable levels from the time snows melt above Leadville until it reaches the Kansas state line. But it turns out people have been looking at the symptoms, not the source, of the disease.

August 1, 2009--Water board OKs Columbine sale (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Pueblo Board of Water Works on Friday approved the final contract for the sale of the Columbine Ditch to Aurora. Aurora will pay the Pueblo water board $30.48 million for the ditch, located on Fremont Pass 13 miles north of Leadville. The water board will use the money from the sale as part of a $60 million package to buy 5,200 Bessemer Ditch shares, about one-fourth of the total.

July 14, 2009--Aurora, Climax ready for ditch buy (Pueblo Chieftain)

Aurora and the Climax molybdenum mine are planning to jointly purchase the Columbine Ditch on Fremont Pass north of Leadville from the Pueblo Board of Water Works.

July 13, 2009--Aurora water plan could leave developer high, dry (Denver Post)

The developer of a proposed resort above Minturn will likely have to look elsewhere for water when, as expected, the Aurora City Council tonight approves the purchase of water he was seeking to buy.

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