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October 9, 2016--Environmentalists dismayed by Glen Canyon Dam management plan (AZ Daily Sun)

Environmental groups are criticizing the final draft of a plan released by the Bureau of Reclamation Friday to manage the operations of Glen Canyon Dam for the next 20 years. The plan&

October 16, 2014--Coalition launched to protect Colorado Headwaters (Pagosa Daily Post)

A coalition of groups from across the West today announced the formation of a new coalition to inform and engage communities in California, Nevada, Arizona, and other western states about threats posed to the Colorado River and their water supply.

November 21, 2013--Bill is a disaster (Steamboat Today)

Last month, Representatives Scott Tipton, R-Colo., and Jared Polis, D-Colo., introduced H.R. 3189, the so called “Water Rights Protection Act.” While the bill was disguised as a minor “fix” for a narrow water rights conflict between Colorado’s ski industry and the U.S.

April 20, 2013--EPA proposes rules to curb power-plant waste in waterways (Washington Post)

Power producers must curb the tainted water they discharge into waterways under a proposal the Environmental Protection Agency issued Friday, the latest in a series of rules aimed at utilities that burn coal. The EPA proposed four options for regulating the disposal of toxic waste from power plants, which are the top source of pollutants in streams, rivers and other waters.

November 12, 2012--Groups saying ‘no’ to water permits for Ariz. resort (Durango Herald)

An array of groups are urging Arizona regulators to deny water permits needed for a major resort, commercial and residential development at the small community near the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim.

August 6, 2012--Comeback possible for lost valley (Durango Herald)

This fall, San Franciscans will vote on a local measure with national implications: It could return to the American people a flooded gorge described as the twin of breathtaking Yosemite Valley.

April 9, 2011--California farmers, ecologists square off over drinking water pollution (Los Angeles Times)

Should farmers in the Central Valley, California's richest agricultural region, be required to monitor and clean up groundwater pollution from their operations? Under the proposed regulations, farmland would be classified based on the contamination risk. Farms considered most likely to pollute groundwater would have to take certain steps to reduce fertilizer and other agricultural runoff.

February 28, 2011--Eco-activists rally to defend EPA, water law (Denver Post)

Environmental activists rallied at the state Capitol on Sunday against proposals they fear will gut the federal Clean Air Act and enrich polluters.

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