Lower Arkansas Water Management Association

December 9, 2011--Colorado meeting state-line obligations (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado is running ahead on its deliveries of water to Kansas under the Arkansas River Compact. Accounting for flows through 2010 shows that Colorado has credits of about 44,000 acre-feet in a 10-year running average of flows, said Kevin Salter, of the Kansas engineering staff. The accounting is required as part of the Kansas v. Colorado U.S.

December 28, 2009--Irrigation regulations draw protests across valley (Pueblo Chieftain)

Irrigators from one end of the Arkansas Valley to the other have lined up to intervene in a Water Court case over compact compliance rules proposed by State Engineer Dick Wolfe. A four-week trial for the rules is scheduled to begin Nov. 16 and, if approved by Chief District Judge Dennis Maes, the Division 2 Water Court judge, they would become effective on Jan. 1, 2011.

December 12, 2007--Colorado wants Kansas input on ditch plan (Pueblo Chieftain)

Kansas is reviewing a request by Colorado wildlife and parks officials to use water rights from the Kessee Ditch to maintain a permanent pool of water in John Martin Reservoir.

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