June 12, 2014--Senate Bill 23 veto reopens conversation on water efficiency measures (Steamboat Today)

The decision about what to do with Senate Bill 23 wasn’t easy, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper wrote. “It was a close call.” But, ultimately, those sentiments were delivered in a veto letter, and the bill that provided incentives for Western Slope water efficiency measures will have to be reworked and revisited in another legislative session.

June 11, 2014--Conservation groups go after Hickenlooper for water bill veto (Colorado Independent)

Governor John Hickenlooper is drawing backlash for vetoing a bill that conservationists say would have prompted farmers to update their irrigation systems and kept more water in Colorado’s Western Slope streams without asking anyone to forfeit water rights. Hickenlooper said that the final version of the bill, SB 23, lacked sufficient support from agricultural and water groups.

June 10, 2014--Solving California's water problems (Huff Post)

For over 150 years, Californians have argued, litigated, yelled, and otherwise fought over water. California is a big state -- we have redwood forests, desert regions, mountains, coasts, rich agricultural lands, amazing natural ecosystems. And overall, we have a pretty good amount of water.

June 8, 2014--Telluride may conserve water even in non-drought years (Telluride Watch)

With greatly expanded supplies of treated municipal water coming online at the end of this year when the Pandora Water Treatment Plant is scheduled to open, the Town of Telluride is considering the implementation of new water conservation measures.

June 5, 2014--Colorado water community expresses disappointment in Senate Bill 14-023 veto (Business Wire)

Governor Hickenlooper today vetoed Senate Bill 14-023 (SB 23), an important water conservation bill crafted over the course of a year in close partnership with diverse water interests, including the Governor’s own water policy experts.

June 5, 2014--Water bill dead as Hickenlooper vetoes second Democratic bill in two days (Fox News)

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed his second Democratic bill in two days, a measure that would have incentivized water conservation on the Western Slope, FOX31 Denver was first to report.

June 1, 2014--Conservation, efficiency key to water plan (Soapbox)

This year’s epic snow will continue to provide benefits long after the ski lifts shut down for summer. Healthy rivers are essential to Colorado’s multibillion-dollar agriculture, recreation, tourism and business economies, not to mention the Colorado River’s impact on the 36 million people who rely on it for drinking water.

May 23, 2014--California has major drinking issues (Bloomberg Businessweek)

California has at least an additional five months of drought ahead, U.S. forecasters estimate, putting new pressure on everyone to conserve already stretched water supplies. While farms use 80 percent of the state’s water—and it’s essential that they cut back—cities and towns have to do their share.

May 22, 2014--Growth leads to water worries (Gazette)

Where does our drinking water originate and should we worry about it? Most of it comes from Rocky Mountain snow. But most of the snow runoff flows westward rather than toward the Front Range where we live. So we finagle it eastward by sucking it through byzantine mazes of tunnels, pipelines, reservoirs and canals.

May 21, 2014--Conservation, quality, reuse and efficiency take center stage at Colorado Water Conservation Board meeting (Business Wire)

Experts from a variety of conservation groups will offer their public comments this week about the importance of sustaining Colorado’s rivers as part of the first-ever statewide Colorado Water Plan.

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