May 20, 2014--Water efficiency: The overlooked low-hanging fruit (Environmental Leader)

Water saving measures are often easily implemented and can save thousands of dollars a year but are often overlooked, according to Buildings magazine. The “low-hanging fruit” of water saving methods are often ignored in favor of high-efficiency HVAC systems or new lighting, but their payback periods are often under a year, the magazine says.

May 19, 2014--The two sectors that suck up most of our water (Wall Street Journal)

In the U.S., we tend to react to drought by focusing on obvious symbols of water consumption, like golf courses, swimming pools and lush green lawns. If we’re serious about saving water, though, we need to focus on the places where we use the most of it: our food and energy systems. According to the U.S.

My 9, 2014--Creating a new water normal in mountain towns (Mountain Town News)

It’s been a good year for snow in the Rockies, and Breckenridge has a very strong portfolio of water rights. Normally, town residents would be able to water lawns seven days a week. Maybe not this year. The town council is considering legislation that would cap outdoor use at three days a week.

May 9, 2014--Potential for harm: Opponents of Senate Bill 23 express concern about upstream water users (Steamboat Today)

Senate Bill 23, which recently passed the Colorado Legislature, aims to provide incentives for agricultural water users and irrigators on the Western Slope to make their operations more efficient, but some opposed the bill on the grounds that it has the potential to harm others’ water rights.

May 8, 2014--Potential for harm: Western Slope water bill draws opposition (Steamboat Today)

Senate Bill 23 is on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk thanks to some legislative maneuvering, but the bill dealing with changes to water law on the Western Slope has divided interested organizations and prompted warnings that its consequences could be much broader than intended.

April 26, 2014--Water security will be one of the biggest challenges facing the world (Wales Online)

Water security will be one of the world’s biggest issues set against the challenge of feeding a population that will reach 10 billion by 2050, chief executive of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Steve Hughson said yesterday.

April 19, 2014--Let economic sense flow as part of Colorado’s water plan (Denver Business Journal)

Healthy rivers are essential to Colorado’s multibillion-dollar agriculture, recreational, tourism and business economies, not to mention the Colorado River’s impact on the 36 million people who rely on it for drinking water. Yet, for more than a decade Colorado and surrounding states have experienced unrelenting drought.

April 13, 2014--New law demands higher efficiency from plumbing fixtures (Coloradoan)

Colorado will set higher efficiency standards for its plumbing fixtures starting in September 2016 — though the stricter standards might be a case of policy catching up with practice.

April 12, 2014--Groups work to protect West Slope water interests (Post Independent)

A new listing that ranks the entire c as the second-most-endangered river network in the United States brings important attention to the “hardest working river in America,” observes Jim Pokrandt, spokesman for the Colorado River District.

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