Delta Smelt

February 28, 2011--The limits of laws as a conservation tool (New York Times)

Peter Gleick, a water and energy analyst and founder of the Pacific Institute, has posted an impassioned critique of discussions in California on whether it will be necessary to let some imperiled species go extinct as part of broader efforts to manage human and ecological systems there. Here’s the opening section:

February 25, 2011--A small compromise in California’s water wars (New York Times)

Like an early spring bud poking out of a thicket, a compromise emerged on Thursday in one of the intertwined legal battles that pit California’s major agricultural and urban water users against federal scientists and environmentalists.

December 15, 2010--Judge dismisses delta smelt protections (Los Angeles Times)

A federal judge Tuesday threw out much-disputed delta smelt protections that have cut water shipments to Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, finding that federal biologists failed to justify aspects of the restrictions.

September 23, 2009--Sen. Feinstein urges outside review of Calif. water restrictions (New York Times)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is pressing the Obama administration to take a step back from California's drought emergency to authorize a third-party scientific review of two federal biological opinions that restrict water deliveries to farmers in the Central Valley.

June 28, 2009--Battle over water heats up in San Joaquin Valley (Denver Post)

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is coming here to ground zero in the state's fight over dwindling water resources Sunday as agriculture and environmental interests have become increasingly polarized.

March 19, 2009--State to deliver more water to Southern California (L.A. Times)

State officials announced Wednesday they will deliver more water to Southern California this year than previously predicted but cautioned that shipments will remain well below normal.

February 27, 2009--California faces water rationing, Governor proclaims drought emergency (Environmental News Service)

Parched California is a step closer to mandatory water rationing today as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed a state of emergency and ordered all government agencies to implement the state's emergen

December 30, 2008--Laser experiment aimed at saving farm water (Denver Post)

Seventy-six years after the invention of the modern sprinkler helped revolutionize farming, a professor of environmental engineering is pointing a laser beam across an alfalfa crop in Southern California's

December 16, 2008--U.S. tightens the tap on water from Northern California (L.A. Times)

Federal wildlife officials on Monday released new restrictions on pumping water from Northern California, further tightening the spigot on flows to Southern California cities and San Joaquin Valley fa

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