Huerfano River

September 18, 2008--El Paso County interests trying to purchase Bessemer Ditch (Pueblo Chieftain)

El Paso County water interests are trying to buy a controlling interest in the Bessemer Ditch, in a move similar to a failed attempt earlier this year by the Pueblo Board of Water Works.

June 5, 2008--Report: Lake Pueblo runs clean (The Pueblo West View)

At the time Pueblo Dam was completed, experts expected the reservoir behind it to begin collecting sediment - a lot of it - as it drained an area of more than 4,500 square miles upstream.

December 28, 2007--Stronghold in the war over water (Colorado Springs Gazette)

As foreign invaders go, tamarisk, a flowery plant that grows along creeks and rivers, may not seem the most insidious. But it may be the thirstiest — a single plant can consume 200 gallons of water a day. In Colorado, where water is a precious commodity, officials have long struggled with ways to deal with the prolific and tenacious plant.

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