Rio Grande River Basin

May 30, 2011--Colorado in for a long, hot summer, forecast says (Denver Post)

As temperatures heat up a snowpack that's two to three times its normal depth, flooding is "likely" in parts of the high country, according to the Intermountain West Climate Summary released by regional forecasters and climatologist last week.

April 25, 2011--A 21st-century water forecast (New York Times)

The broad-brush conclusion of a new federal report on the future impact of climate change on water in the West is a bit familiar. Throughout the West, there will be less snow, and what snow there is will melt faster. The dry Southwest is going to get drier, and the wet Northwest wetter.

December 20, 2010--Where the water goes (Pueblo Chieftain)

In Colorado, more than two dozen ditches or pipelines provide nearly 500,000 acre-feet of water annually by transmountain diversions. By basin, the major importers are the: South Platte River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, and Rio Grande River Basin.

December 21, 2009--As water use falls in Front Range, it explodes elsewhere in Colorado (Denver Post)

Colorado Front Range residents are using less water, but some parts of the Western Slope have seen per capita water use explode in the past decade, according to a new state study. The number of gallons per person used daily in Denver and other South Platte River basin cities decreased 13.6 percent between 2000 and 2008, to 178 gallons from 206 gallons.

December 28, 2007--December snow not done yet (Durango Herald)

The early winter snow has belied fears that a La Niña weather pattern could create drought conditions in 2008. Snowpack levels in the Dolores, San Miguel, Animas and Upper Rio Grande river basins are between 120 percent and 150 percent of normal.

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