Long Hollow Reservoir

March 10, 2015--Long Hollow reservoir filling (Durango Herald)

Rain and snowmelt runoff have provided the first water for a reservoir on Long Hollow Creek near Redmesa, a long-planned storage unit that will help Colorado meet its contractual water obligation to New Mexico and indirectly provide water for irrigators in the southwest corner of La Plata County. Construction was completed in June 2014 on the Bobby K.

April 28, 2014--Long Hollow to the rescue (Durango Herald)

Construction of the dam designed to corral 5,100 acre feet of runoff from two modest streams in this arid section of La Plata County is expected to be completed in July – two years after groundbreaking. Long Hollow Reservoir will be a water bank against which irrigators in the area can draw.

April 28, 2014--Legislature to fund Long Hollow project (Durango Herald)

A Southwest Colorado water district can expect $1,575,000 from the Legislature to help build a dam just off the La Plata River. It’s one of the few water projects statewide the Legislature is funding this year.

November 14, 2012--The water project that wouldn't die (High Country News)

Driving down a highway, somewhere this side of the New Mexico line, I see a house surrounded by rusted out farm implements. I see a field, churned up and parched under another bright blue October sky. I see a dam being built. A dam!? Yes, a dam. The era of huge Western water projects has long been over.

La Plata Water Conservancy District’s Long Hollow Reservoir Groundbreaking

There was a long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony for Long Hollow Reservoir on July 10th. The project is a key component in an effort to store water for Colorado ranchers and help satisfy the state’s La Plata River obligation to New Mexico.

July 11, 2012--Long Hollow reservoir under way (Durango Herald)

It seemed anyone who was or is someone in the production, distribution or consumption of water in Southwest Colorado for the last 60 years gathered Tuesday at a spot on Long Hollow. The occasion was the groundbreaking for the Long Hollow Reservoir dam, the key component in an effort to store water for Colorado ranchers and help satisfy the state’s La Plata River obligation to New Mexico.

La Plata Water Conservancy District--Long Hollow Update

The Long Hollow Reservoir (Reservoir) project took a significant step forward on October 23, 2009, when the Notice to Proceed was issued to GEI Consultants, Inc. to begin the design alternative study for the Reservoir.

January 15, 2008--Four states, two tribes vie for Soutwest Colorado runoff (Cortez Journal)

The Colorado River Compact binds all parts of the state together in a struggle for water against the downstream states - California, Arizona and Nevada. But Southwest Colorado wrestles with its own particular water issues, thanks to its geography.

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