Uncompahgre River

***BLM’s Uncompahgre Resource Management Plan Available for public comment!***

Public comments are being taken for the BLM’s Uncompahgre Resource Management Plan (RMP). The plan covers 675,000 surface acres within the Uncompahgre Planning Area.

Norwood, Mountain Village Impose Water Conservation Measures, While Water Call Threatens Ouray

In May the Norwood Water Commission and the Town of Norwood posted water restriction notices asking customers to begin saving. In the Telluride area, the Town of Mountain Village also set limits on residential water usage.

July 5, 2012--Water-health warriers (Montrose Press)

It may not appear as though Montrose and the Uncompahgre Valley are in the middle of a war. But a battle is being waged, and the prize is healthy waterways. The enemy is selenium. The trace element that occurs naturally in the area’s Mancos shale poses little to no threat to humans.

July 4, 2012--Beg, borrow and buy: Ouray struggles to shore up water rights (Telluride Watch)

The City of Ouray has submitted an emergency water supply substitute plan to the Colorado Division of Water Resources which outlines the ways in which it can offset

July 4, 2012--Geologic survey report finds acid drainage predated mining (Telluride Watch)

An award-winning study by the Colorado Geologic Survey has bolstered claims by miners in the Ouray-Red Mountain district that highly acidic surface water preceded m

June 7, 2012--Leased water rights to satisfy downstream call (Telluride Watch)

The Ouray City Council has approved a water rights lease from an entity that owns senior downstream water rights, in order to satisfy a recent call on its municipal water supply. The lease is a temporary, short-term solution to augment the city’s water supply, as staff continue to work toward a more permanent solution.

May 10, 2012--Water call threatens Ouray’s municipal supply (Telluride Watch)

City officials are scrambling to augment municipal water rights in response to a recent call requiring the “immediate curtailment” of the city’s water supply.

August 17, 2010--New stakeholder group to address Uncompahgre watershed (Montrose Daily Press)

The Uncompahgre River, one of the most important resources in the Montrose region, is about to gain a new advocate: a group of stakeholders who will study the watershed and recommend and fund projects to ensure the river’s health and longevity.

July 29, 2010--BLM Uncompahgre releases final wild and scenic river eligibility report (Telluride Watch)

The Bureau of Land Management Uncompahgre Field Office has released the Final Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report for the BLM Uncompahgre Planning Area. The comment period on the Suitability Phase is now open, as well. The determination of suitability phase focuses on jurisdictional and manageability issues affecting eligible waterways.

June 24, 2009--City assures river group that new committee will be balanced (Telluride Watch)

Some members of FORU, the Friends of the River Uncompahgre, want to make sure a balance is achieved when the Montrose City Council selects a new citizens committee to create new river buffer zones.

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