June 16, 2016--Half of Utah lakes don’t meet water quality standard (Cortez Journal)

More than half of Utah’s lakes and nearly half of its streams don’t meet federal water quality standards, according to a new report from the Utah Division of Water Quality. Metal levels are high on parts of the San Juan River, which was affected by a massive spill that sent 3 million gallons of acid mine waste from the Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado into rivers

March 8, 2015--Changing the price of water may be the way to beat drought (Deseret News)

Drought across the West and Midwest is driving renewed concerns over water scarcity and the availability to meet demand in the future.

February 24, 2015--Will Utah be ready for a drier, hotter climate? (Salt Lake Tribune)

The specter of drought hanging over the Southwest is already pretty dire, with forests drying out into beetle-killed tinderboxes and reservoir levels plunging. But the current dry spell may barely register in comparison with what has happened in the distant past and could happen in the near future, according to research released this month. And we may have ourselves to blame.

January 30, 2015--Unusually high temperatures, low snow pack could spell trouble for Utah’s water needs (Fox 13)

Five degrees for six months: Those are numbers that cause serious concern for Utah water experts. Brian McInerney, Hydrologist for the National Weather Service, said from August through January, northern Utah has averaged temperatures five degrees higher than normal. “Which is incredibly significant when you talk about snow pack,” McInerney said.

November 6, 2014--State water planning is ‘evolutionary’ (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Colorado’s anticipated completion of a water plan in 2015 might be viewed as a starting point rather than an end point for its state water planning process.

August 23, 2014--Water levels in Great Salt Lake approach record low (Desert News)

Dave Shearer sees the evidence of water levels dropping in the Great Salt Lake every time a boat has to be taken out of its slip at the Great Salt Lake Marina. Lately, it's been a common occurrence. "This year, we're now looking at near-record lows," said Shearer, the marina's harbor master. "We're probably going to lose about 30 boats this year.

July 28, 2014--Conservation critical, Colorado Rivers study finds (Cache Valley Daily)

Reuse and conserve are the two big points in a new study about how to stretch the water in the Colorado River to meet the needs of Utahns and others who depend on the river. Matt Rice is director of the Colorado Basin Program with the environmental advocacy group Americans Rivers.

May 12, 2014--The dusting of snow (Durango Herald)

The term “white as snow” is a little misleading in the San Juan Mountains these days. The snowpack here at 11,060 feet is covered by layers of dust deposited in the last several weeks. These layers have serious ramifications not only for this spring and summer, but also for the future.

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