Vallecito Reservoir

September 2, 2015--Water taste is result of 'turn over' in Vallecito, Bayfield reservoirs (Pine River Times)

Yuck. That's been a frequent verdict on the taste of Bayfield's water for the past couple of weeks. It's had an off taste, verging on metallic. Some people have switched for now to bottled or filtered water.

Rain on Snow Brings Much-Needed Flush to Florida River!

Thirteen years ago, in June 2002, the Missionary Ridge Fire in southwest Colorado burned for 39 days and consumed nearly 73,000 acres, including 56 homes. One firefighter lost his life. The skies were dark and thick with smoke, and in the aftermath, there was debris, mud, soot, and trees strewn in the river channel below Lemon Dam. Thanks to the heavy May precipitation this year, John Ey, Lemon Dam Superintendent, was able to make high releases from the reservoir and flush the Florida River channel. This provided a much-needed cleansing to the river, which had been unable to be accomplished in recent years due to prolonged drought conditions that have occurred since the 2002 fire. The extended high releases will provide numerous benefits to the river and ecosystem. Benefits include improved aquatic food base and spawning habitat, riverside vegetation, and wildlife habitat.

June 13, 2015--Vallecito release has homeowners on edge (Durango Herald)

Hydrologists opened the spigots Friday on Vallecito Reservoir, releasing more water than typically considered safe to keep up with recent rainstorms. Emergency workers monitored high-water conditions on several streams and rivers throughout La Plata County.

June 12, 2015--Our river has runneth over (Durango Herald)

Emergency management scrambled Thursday to prepare communities downstream from Vallecito Reservoir for more flooding as a succession of unseasonably severe storms battered Southwest Colorado, causing the already-turgid Animas River to swell – in some places – dangerously above its banks. All day Thursday, the effects of two storms, and ensuing flooding, wracked communities alon

October 29, 2014--First kokanee spawning at Nighthorse (Durango Herald)

From a platform tethered 100 feet offshore, members of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife team spawned kokanee salmon in Lake Nighthorse for the first time. Members of this first graduating class of kokanee were stocked as fingerlings in 2010. Stocking 75,000 kokanee each year since means spawning will occur annually.

January 27, 2014--Water finally flows in subdivision in south-central area (Durango Herald)

It was a long time coming, but potable in-house running water has become reality in a south-central La Plata County neighborhood. The La Plata Archuleta Water District, officially formed in August 2008, and on Thursday it marked the first delivery of water at the home of Lucas and Brittney Avery in the Silver Hills subdivision off County Road 510. The recognition was symbolic.

September 25, 2013--Vallecito dam road retiring (Durango Herald)

Public officials long associated with Vallecito reservoir made a prefinal inspection Tuesday of the road that will replace the one across the top of the dam. The final walk-through will be today, said Allen McCaw, the U.S. Forest Service engineer who oversaw construction of the 4,857-foot-long new road.

March 21, 2013--Water world: Dust to dust (Durango Telegraph)

With persistent drought conditions across Colorado and low reservoir levels in the southwest, water resource managers are looking at a potentially long and arid summer. Following a dry 2012, the warmest year on record, reservoir levels were already on the low side. Reservoir storage exactly one year ago sat at 104 percent of average, which helped the area get through late summer shortages.

December 1, 2012--Drought impacts salmon run (Cortez Journal)

Withered crops and steep hay prices. Underwhelmed river guides. Overworked firefighters. Neighborhood visits from hungry, foraging bears. Drought conditions have thrown the rhythms and daily routines off kilter for many Colorado subgroups in 2012, including aquatic species.

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