August 28, 2016--The key to water security could be lurking in a New Mexico sewage farm (Guardian)

The sulphurous springs of Yellowstone national park are scalding, tainted with heavy metals and acidic enough to eat through clothing.

December 22, 2014--Research finds potable reuse is the most affordable source of new water (Water and Wastes Digest)

Prolonged and severe droughts and other factors have made water supplies increasingly scarce in California, Texas and many other regions of the U.S., as well as elsewhere around the globe. A viable and affordable solution for many communities is to turn their wastewater into purified drinking water, according to a new WateReuse Research Foundation white paper.

August 3, 2014--Man-made wetlands turn wastewater into tap water (Washington Post)

As murky water snakes through a man-made wetland between Dallas and Houston, its shallow ponds of lush vegetation slowly filter out phosphorous and nitrates until, a week later, the water runs clear as a creek into the area drinking supply.

July 30, 2014--Should wastewater utilities own the water they treat after its discharged? (Water Online)

Texas regulators appear to be shooting down an unconventional proposal by a utility to take ownership of the water it treats. The logic behind the original proposal, per the Texas Tribune: "Every year, the San Antonio Water System treats close to 33 billion gallons of wastewater and discharges it into the San Antonio River.

July 29, 2014--Utility offers free treated wastewater to residential customers (Water Online)

A sewer district in California is giving away free treated water. "Toting empty milk jugs, tubs, buckets, even water tanks, residents have been lining up to fill 'em up since mid-June at what sewer district officials say is the only plant giving away free treated effluent to residential customers," the Contra Costa Times reported. Why the generosity?

February 14, 2014--Endocrine disruptors: Latest threat to surface waters (Huff Post)

The United States has one of the world's best systems for both wastewater and potable water treatment and distribution; however, that doesn't mean we are without challenges. We are familiar with the impact of various synthetic organic chemicals on the human endocrine system and their ultimate stress on human reproduction, growth and/or development.

January 16, 2014--Hopi lawsuit against wastewater snowmaking gets green light in Arizona (High Country News)

The Arizona Supreme Court has greenlighted a lawsuit that the Hopi Tribe brought against the city of Flagstaff, Ariz. for selling wastewater to a local ski resort to make fake snow.

December 5, 2013--Water utility sector works in partnership to meet cyber security challenges (Huff Post)

Like most utilities in our country, the drinking water and wastewater sectors rely heavily on automated technologies to track and manage the transport and treatment of water. The evolution of computer-based management systems, or industrial control systems (ICS), has hugely improved the reliability and quality of water service.

November 26, 2013--Realising the true power of water - new report from global water intelligence (Water Online)

Water and power generation are inseparable. Fossil fuel-fired power stations require a reliable, consistent stream of treated water to operate effectively. Wastewater streams generated from the combustion of coal need adequate treatment before being discharged.

October 3, 2013--Fracking water: It’s just so hard to clean (National Geographic)

Another crack in the “fracking is safe” story for the industry to address. You know that fracking thing? For the uninitiated, hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) is the technique of injecting water, sand and chemicals at high pressures into shale and other tight rock formations to release the fuel trapped inside.

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