Water Treatment

June 10, 2015--Recent downpours shock sewage treatment process (Cortez Journal)

Higher than average rainfall in recent weeks has not only provided drought relief, but it’s also dampened sewage treatment efforts. The surplus precipitation, more than 2.6 inches in May, was a topic of discussion for Cortez Sanitation District officials at their monthly meeting on Monday, June 8.

May 10, 2015--Millions of dollars in sewer clogs prompts flushable-wipes lawsuit (Water Online)

A Minnesota city is suing six manufacturers of so-called "flushable" personal wipes, alleging that the product is not living up to its name and instead clogging up the sewer system.

March 24, 2015--New national standard helps protect public water supplies (Water Online)

Global public health organization NSF International has published the first consensus-based American National Standard to evaluate the performance of municipal water filtration technologies in removing Cryptosporidium from public drinking water supplies.

February 7, 2015--AWWA To Congress: Controlling Nntrient pollution key to preventing cyanotoxins in drinking water (Water Online)

In testimony recently before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy, American Water Works Association Water Utility Council Chair Aurel Arndt stressed that the solution to keeping drinking water safe from cyanotoxins begins with better managing nutrient pollution.

October 19, 2014--City’s smelly situation (Durango Herald)

Proposed sewer plant upgrades carry a price tag of $55 million, according to engineers hired to advise Durango City Council.In addition to the staggering estimate, the construction must be completed by December 2017 to meet state regulations for higher water quality.Currently, the plant is releasing more nitrogen and phosphorous into the Animas River than the new regulations allow.If the

August 25, 2014--Study: All kinds of nasty stuff in the water (Summit Voice)

Water quality experts with the U.S. Geological Survey say chemicals from pharmaceuticals and personal-care products are widespread in water that has passed through landfill waste.

February 14, 2014--Endocrine disruptors: Latest threat to surface waters (Huff Post)

The United States has one of the world's best systems for both wastewater and potable water treatment and distribution; however, that doesn't mean we are without challenges. We are familiar with the impact of various synthetic organic chemicals on the human endocrine system and their ultimate stress on human reproduction, growth and/or development.

December 5, 2013--Water utility sector works in partnership to meet cyber security challenges (Huff Post)

Like most utilities in our country, the drinking water and wastewater sectors rely heavily on automated technologies to track and manage the transport and treatment of water. The evolution of computer-based management systems, or industrial control systems (ICS), has hugely improved the reliability and quality of water service.

November 26, 2013--Realising the true power of water - new report from global water intelligence (Water Online)

Water and power generation are inseparable. Fossil fuel-fired power stations require a reliable, consistent stream of treated water to operate effectively. Wastewater streams generated from the combustion of coal need adequate treatment before being discharged.

May 3, 2013--Aging U.S. water infrastructure is leaking megawatts and dollars (Smartgrid News)

The U.S. is facing an infrastructure problem that many predict will cost astronomical sums to fix.

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