Water Treatment

March 26, 2013--Water Is Scarce—and Undervalued (Wall Street Journal)

On the scarcity of water: There is most definitely a scarcity issue that needs to be addressed.

Water Treatment Operations (Loveland, CO)

03/18/2013 8:00 am
03/22/2013 5:00 pm

Sponsored by the Colorado Rural Water Associatin (CRWA). For more information and/or to register visit the CRWA.

October 1, 2012--CU-Boulder says graywater system could save 800,000 gallons a year (Boulder Daily)

Starting next year, treated wastewater from showers and sinks could be used to flush toilets in Williams Village North, the University of Colorado's green-certified dorm.

September 28, 2012--Water costs getting more expensive (USA Today)

While most Americans worry about gas and heating oil prices, water rates have surged in the past dozen years, according to a USA TODAY study of 100 municipalities. Prices at least doubled in more than a quarter of the locations and even tripled in a few.

June 14, 2012--Study suggests expanded concept of 'urban watershed' (Science Daily)

Within two decades, 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities, and coping with the resulting urban drinking water and sanitation issues will be one of the greatest challenges of this century. A U.S. Forest Service study recently published in Urban Ecosystems proposes an expanded view of the complex world of urban water.

Forests-to-Faucets Teacher Training Workshop (Durango, Silverton, and Surrounding Area)

06/26/2012 8:30 am
06/27/2012 5:30 pm

Join the Mountain Studies Institute, San Juan Mountain Association, and the Water Information Program for two days of hands-on exploration of our locaal watersheds. The Workshop is based on the My Water Comes from the San Juan Mountains book and curriculum guide which includes place-based activities that address Colorado State Standards.

November 2, 2011--Rural district OKs $25M for water plants, pipelines (Durango Herald)

Voters in southwestern La Plata County gave solid support Tuesday to a request by the La Plata-Archuleta Water District to borrow up to $25 million to build a network of plants and pipelines to treat and distribute potable water.With all votes counted, 952, or 56 percent, of the voters favored the measure, compared with 736, or 44 percent, who were against it.

September 21, 2011--State asks for minor fixes for water-treatment plant (Durango Herald)

Every three years, the Department of Public Health and Environment conducts a sanitary inspection of municipal water-treatment facilities. Recenty, the state health department gave Durango its inspection, and Durango Public Works Director Jack Rogers said he was fairly satisfied with the report card.

September 12, 2011--Building owners want water that never leaves (Wall Street Journal)

Building owners and managers are discovering a great untapped resource: the water that flows out of—and off—homes and commercial structures. Some wastewater from buildings is reused after treatment at municipal plants, but much of it ends up flowing back into the environment. And buildings rarely are equipped to capture rainwater.

June 14, 2011--Wildfire near Colo.-NM border doubles in size (Colorado Springs Gazette)

A wildfire near the New Mexico-Colorado border that has already forced the evacuation of about 200 homes and businesses and shut down part of a major interstate has

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