Water Value

March 24, 2015--Finding the right price for water (Atlantic)

There's a classic economic paradox about the price of water and value, and it comes from Adam Smith: Why do diamonds cost more than water? The comparison is meant to demonstrate how pricing works—that even though water is essential for human survival, our economy puts prices on things based on scarcity and value (and marginal utility).

May 12, 2013--Drinking water week concludes with a look toward the future (World Water)

As Drinking Water Week concludes, the American Water Works Association joins water professionals across North America in urging consumers to evaluate how they currently value, use and access water, and how to protect it into the future.

November 29, 2010--‘Water footprinting’ to deal with demand for supplies (New York Times)

Claudia Ringler, a senior research fellow in Montreal with the International Food Policy Research Institute, based in Washington, said water footprinting was a good concept in theory, but less so in practice. “It’s almost impossible to do a comprehensive analysis,” Ms. Ringler said.

April 21, 2007--We take it for granted (Cortez Journal)

...We take for granted that all we have to do is just turn on the faucet and a clean, safe, pure, commodity is there for our use.

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