Whitewater Park

June 2, 2014--Whitewater Park makes waves (Durango Herald)

The Whitewater Park in-stream construction that began Nov. 2, 2013, is finished and open for river. The features include eddies, flow deflectors, and four bank-to-bank drop features that create large rapids, said Scott Shipley, Olympic paddler and designer of Durango’s Whitewater Park.

Durango Whitewater Park Upgrades

In the late 1980s the City of Durango became the first community in the nation to construct a whitewater park. The park was state-of-the-art at the time, but has since lost some of its prestige to newer parks.

October 14, 2010--Stalled in the water (Durango Telegraph)

There is rock, but it will be a few more years before the city rolls on the new Whitewater Park. Despite the arrival of 3,600 tons of free boulders, courtesy the Glacier Club and National Guard, there will not be enough money in city coffers until 2013 to put them to use.

September 6, 2009--Critics say new Nevada whitewater park harms fish (Denver Post)

Bubbling up from the churning waters that flow from Lake Tahoe are worries that the new whitewater park will harm the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout and other fish in a stretch of the river that had some of the last natural fish habitat within the city's limits.

December 31, 2008--Buena Vista to get $200,000 COGO grant for River Park (Buena Vista Chaffee County Times)

The Town of Buena Vista was notified by the Great Outdoors Colorado board that the Town's request for $200,000 from the Local Parks and Outdoor Recreation Grant Program has been approved.

June 27, 2008--Proposal for county whitewater park stays afloat (Telluride Daily Planet)

Finding a site is one problem,  funding and environmental impact reports another. Regional river enthusiasts want a whitewater park on the San Miguel River, but opponents argue against a park based on environmental and economic reasons.

April 25, 2008--Officials cool to whitewater park proposal in San Miguel (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

A whitewater park on the San Miguel River is on the drawing board, and some county officials say that’s where it should stay. Bob Gleason of the San Miguel Whitewater Association recently spoke to San Miguel County commissioners about plans for a whitewater park on the San Miguel River.

December 31, 2007--Irrigators: Whitewater park could harm fish (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

As Palisade begins work on a $38,000 project to model Colorado River flows for a whitewater park town officials consider harmless, Grand Valley irrigators and some federal agencies say the park could seriously harm endangered fish.

December 5, 2007--No question about it: Glenwood Springs to have whitewater park (Post Independent)

Local government leaders plunged kayak paddles into the earth Tuesday to celebrate a project about seven years in the making: a whitewater park. The Glenwood Springs City Council awarded an $888,838 contract in November for construction of the feature in the Colorado River. A number of other groups and businesses also donated funds for the project.

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